Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bolt On!!

Why go through the hassle of engine transplant when you can simply BOT the current one? Envy or hate. Big claps for those who dare to take risks and be different.





Here are few photos that a guy from Powerzone sent to me. Lot's of horsie and torks added. Around RM 8K. Interested?








Coming down with RM2000 price tag, not many would opt for it, but not to say, some dig it down under just to get one of these. It's mainly one of the invisible weapons for those who choose to maintain their 4G15 engine and upgrading the cc and TORK without having to register to JPJ and still maintaining the standard looking engine, but with a monstrous performance inside. Finding one is not easy, and owning one is not cheap. Managed to snap this photo after finding it lying around at a workshop, and guess what, somebody already bought it. Duh.

The Wonderful World of Webers

Hi, thought I'd like to share with you guys a lil something about weber carbs on a 4g13/5 engine. Just an experience from my previous setup during my old weber days. Miss them 'sometimes'.


This is a progressive downdraft carb, with one barrel opening after another. Never had the chance to use it, since I sold it first. Skywalker from SIC had the experience using it, while I only had the experience on purchasing it and making some money out of it. Here's some pics.




The DCNF36

Now, this was my first downdraft weber carb planted on my engine bay. Got it full set with manifold, custom adaptor and K&N airfilter. It's a double barrel carbs opening at the same time. Nice. Lovely sound. Good throttle response. FC is more or less the same with the OEM aisan carb.

Used it for about a month or two, then it's time for upgrades, to a better and nastier carbie. Yeah!!





DCOE40 (The King of It All!)

4 Barrel opening at the same time, well, what more could you ask! Have to throw a mild cam just to match the power produced from this mean devil at the tiny 4g13/5. engine. Getting the right tuning and setup is not easy, but not impossible. Once you got it right, it's an addicted habit to smack that acceleration pedal. Managed to get 0-100 at 9 secs.




After all of these, i've changed to a modified standard carbie. Ehem.

: Carbs really do make wonders!

here's a video during dcoe days. just cruising on a normal road.night time.

Friday, June 5, 2009

4G13/4g15 Metal Gasket

Yes, they do exist. Nice eh. But there's one thing I'll share with you guys, which is : finding one of these is not that easy. Enjoy the pics!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Palm Oil as An Alternative for Lubricating Engine Oil. Minyak Sawit Sebagai Pengganti Minyak Pelincir Enjin

Yes, like the title mentioned, palm oil as engine oil. Shocked? Sceptical? Gimmicks? Unreliable Sources? Eager to try? All of perceptions comes to mind, but the last question mark is always, WHAT IF.......?

After some readings on the reviews from the forummers from, it got on my nerves to try it out. It's not about why, but more about why not? My engine is only a 4G13p with mods under 10k. I know it's not a favourite choice among the automotive traditionalist, but, what the heck.





Now there, I've done it. see let's see how the result goes.

The engine is running smoothly, almost like I'm using a fully syntethic oil. Lighter engine means better pickup, but not that significant really. That's all about it I think. In terms of fuel consumption, I dont see any differences, maybe that fault can be addressed to my driving style. One thing that's noticeable is that the smells of cooking oil breezing in your cockpit(later I found out that there were leaks from my oil ring. No wonder). I tried going redline, still, everything seems pretty ok. hmm, too good to be true.

After 2000 plus kilometres, I sent my car to my favourite tuner (again), to do new settings (again!), and the work involved stripping out the engine head. Now, there's a chance for me to see how the internal parts are doing. Enough of the review, now let's get to business and see the real deal. (am I the first to do this?)

To my surprise, the valve is still in good state.


After some polishing.

Here's the rocker arm. And the palm oil inside (sorry if it's a bit blurry, using phone camera only).




Carbon build up. Normal scenery on piston.


Cleaned a bit. Unfinished work yet. Sudah dibersihkan sedikit. Kerja tak selesai lagi.

Head Gasket. No leakage from there either.


Now, seems that there's nothing wrong with them yet. The parts are all still in good shape. Phew. Haven't got the chance to see how the conrod bearings are doing. So until then, no further comments for that. Hopefully this writing can be informative to others, or maybe if the supposed governing bodies that have an authorities on palm oil research notice this, hopefully you guys should do an RND for palm oil as an alternative replacement for the ever rising price tags of traditional engine lubricating oil. At least, it could ease up the burden of financial resource to some. Gosh, vesawit should've pay me royalty for this home made RND. It's free advertising for them. Haha.